November 4 – Northern Berks Planning Presentation

Join the Northern Berks Planning Commission for a presentation of the Draft Comprehensive Plan to local residents on November 4 at Hamburg Area High School at 7:00 pm.

The draft plan an be found here:

An executive summer can be found here:

What is the Comprehensive Plan?
This Comprehensive Plan is intended to establish overall policies for the development and conservation of the Northern Berks region over the next 15 years. This Plan is not by itself a regulation but is intended to provide the policy direction for changes to the municipalities’ development regulations.

The Comprehensive Plan includes:

  • Natural Features and Agricultural Conservation Plan
  • Community Facilities and Services Plan
  • Historic Preservation Plan
  • Economic Development Plan
  • Transportation Plan
  • Future Land Use Plan
  • Existing Land Use Plan
  • Demographics and Housing Overview

Planning Commission Meeting

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