USPS Collection Box Changes

The Post Office has replaced their collection boxes with Anti-Tampering boxes. The new boxes are different and do not include the handle to pull open to insert your mail, but rather have a slot to utilize.

Another change is the collection box in front of the Post Office. There is no longer a chute which you were able to access from your vehicle. The new boxes do not allow for them.

Also take notice to the triangular label on the boxes as well. It provides details of what types of mail can go in the box and what needs to be brought into the Post Office to be mailed.

Collection box locations and pick up times:

125 E. Noble Ave.: Monday -Saturday 9:00 am 842 Main St.: -Monday -Saturday 10:00 am 511 Franklin St. (outside box): Monday – Friday 5:00pm, Saturday 11:00 am 511 Franklin St. (inside lobby): Monday-Friday 4:30 pm, Saturday 11:00 am

If you have any questions, please contact the Post Office at 610-562-4716.

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