Trash & Recycling Pick-Up

Trash and yard waste pickup day is Wednesday.                                                             

Eagle Disposal:  717-355-9560

Recycling pickup days are alternating Tuesdays. 

Republic Services:  1-800-836-2143

2022 Trash Schedule, June – Dec.

2022 Recycling Schedule


Please remember:

  • The limit for trash is the equivalent of four 30-gallon trash bags or cans per week.
  • When using a trash container, the bags must fit within the container and not be piled on top and overflowing the can.
  • Containers may not weigh more than 75 pounds.
  • If you are using a 55 gallon drum for a trash receptacle, please be sure to add handles and a lid.
  • Do not use a recycling container for trash pick up.
  • One bulk item per week may be placed out with your trash.
  • Yard waste and leaves must be in biodegradable paper bags, not exceeding 30 pounds in weight.
  • Tree branches and sticks should be bundled together, with a length not to exceed 3′.
  • Be sure to have your items at the curbside by 7:00 a.m. on pick up day.
Click below to view PADEP’s Guidelines for Recycling.
Guidelines for Recycling

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